An Environmental Impact Label

We’ve been working on a mini project of how we can be more informed and make better decisions as consumers.

Nutritional labels are required across appropriate products these days and we believe environment labels should be a requirement too. The few little environmental symbols are confusing enough as it is but nowhere on a product, price included, is the true cost of that item reflected.

If an environmental impact label was used, our hope would be that consumers make more ethical decisions and pressure their favorite brands to do better, and that manufacturers also make better choices that aren’t purely profit driven; because some of this is not going to look good on a label!

Last year we had a go of a first rough draft to garner feedback from our Instagram community. You can see the original post here. This label would be on a per product basis. So if you’re buying a box of something it applies against the box. If you buy a bottle of something, it’s for that bottle. 

We received some really great commentary and ideas. We asked: What do you think? What have we missed? What would you like to see on an impact label when you’re buying? What things would you consider? Is this a terrible idea? 

Some thoughts:
We know this is in an “ideal world” – we’d like to play in that space for a moment. We know some of this is hard to measure and this is obviously targeted to bigger companies. Let’s just see what we end up with for now.

From this feedback we’ve been working on a second draft version and will release it in the coming months for further analysis.

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