Change your bank to an ethical one

Been angry at your bank the past few weeks? Not getting through? Realizing they couldn’t care less? Got a little more time on your hands? Let’s switch banks this week! ⁠

Many banks fund massively environmentally and socially destructive projects including fossil fuels, guns & weapons, gambling and smoking. Most countries have a number of ethical banks you can switch to instead; you might even get a bank that cares a bit more about you and will genuinely try and help you during this crisis.⁠

Got one in your country? We’d love to see a whole lot of comments and tags of ethical banks in your region of the world! Anything in particular they’re doing that’s interesting? The ASN bank @asnbank in the Netherlands is assessing the impact of fast fashion loans and investments too; something many banks don’t look at. If you can understand Dutch, the Studio Energie podcast did a great podcast episode with the sustainability manager. They transcribe a lot of their policies into English on the site if you want to check it out.

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