Choosing your 2020 environment goals

If you’re a fan of goals, we’ve got some for you! 2020 is probably going to be a tough year (luckily we’re in it together!). The three Murdoch manipulated countries (US, UK, Aus) have awful leaders in place for human and environmental rights and other major countries and blocs are also frustrating efforts, not bothering or not getting to the targets despite some attempts. We aren’t even close. Meanwhile millions of people are already suffering deeply.⁠

America has a potentially world-altering election coming up and many more decisions will get made – or not – this year. Hopefully we will get some we can cheer about! ⁠

Throughout the year though there is lots most of us with privilege can do that has real, tangible impact. We’re also big on budgeting and using environmentalism to help with saving money and keeping costs down. Ethical is more expensive but the less we buy, the better we can buy when we need to. If you’re looking to start a community project in this space, we have a little scholarship fund on the site you can apply to also (head to the Job Board for more information).⁠

We have highlighted some of the goals that have a big impact. Is there something in particular you’ll be focussing on from these or have you got something else to add? We’ll do a roundup of new graphics contributed by you if we get a few more great options. Feel welcome to share away on your stories and feeds too so we can get these action steps out to as many people as possible!

Check out all the goals to select from here.