Easy and meaningful actions for Earth Day during a pandemic

Whenever you wake up on the 22nd, it’s Earth Day (shout out a hello when you’re up and where you currently are in the world on this post!). Many of us are at home and there’s a lot of little things we can do that have a big impact. Some of these also use the small bit of extra time we might have at the moment that we wouldn’t normally get around to. We’ve listed 9 here – can you do one of these or add to the list? We’d love to see what you’re up to!⁠

This isn’t how we would have wanted it to unfold but this might be one of the more directly gentler Earth Days for the environment since they began. Just like recessions cannot be our plan for reducing emissions, we have to make sure this is not the only way we can make that happen. That said, the original Earth Day in 1970 launched the Environmental Protection Agency in America and they’re currently busy unwinding good regulations and industry monitoring that we desperately need. If you’re in the States, call your local reps!⁠

Let’s make sure we come out of this crisis ensuring future Earth Days are far more sustainable, all year round.