Environment impact label 2.0 is here!

Environment impact label 2.0 is here! In the midst of buying season we’d love if you had a peek at this prototype of what we think we can do in the world to understand where our products come from, how they’re made and the impact we’re having on the world.⁠

The idea is a standardized labelling system on the packaging that shows a quick view of the environmental impact and then scanning the product opens up that item from the global app that allows you drill down into the detail and check resources, water footprint, energy use, how to recycle / end of life, ethics and more. ⁠

The onus is placed on each supplier down the chain and in an ideal world this would be mandatory completion before legally allowing a product onto the marketplace. ⁠

One further idea we’d like to explore is to be able to hook this up with our purchases so each week, month & year we can see the environmental impact we’re having with what we consume and make better choices where possible. The ideal of this transparency is also to publicly pressure companies to do far better.⁠

There’s a long post on our site explaining this second version after we garnered so much great feedback from the first. Swipe through to take a look here and hit the link in our bio to read more and play with the prototype. ⁠

FEEDBACK – we would love yours! Please, send us an email or check out this page for more. This only works when your brain is on it!