Friday is the global Climate Strike inspired by Greta Thunberg

This Friday is the global Climate Strike inspired by @gretathunberg and organized by a collaboration across countries including global and local @fridaysforfuture groups and @350org.⁠

Not Business as Usual also came together to get adults into the event and quickly amassed more than 1,500 businesses who have said they will support their staff attending. ⁠

The kids shouldn’t be in this alone so we encourage everyone who can attend a march, to march. It’s peaceful, it’s enthusiastic, it’s full of hope and positivity, and it makes change happen – something we seem to need to force our governments into doing (rather than subsidizing the fossil fuel industry). ⁠

Whether you’re a parent (or grandparent) in any way shape or form, if you want children in the future, if you’re never going to have children (maybe even because of this crisis), if you’re a farmer or an engineer or an accountant, if you understand it all or don’t, we know that coming together in public works. We know it works because this is how all of history has transpired and transformed. ⁠

We’ve got a few reasons for attending here and there are hundreds of others so add a new one, or why you’re personally attending below! We’d love to see a whole collection and ensure everybody feels comfortable and supported.