Get a little dystopian with us

For something really different – what do we think about this creative project? The Post Human Habitats project responded to impending food and water scarcity, dwindling green space in the face of hyper-densification, stresses on energy and water infrastructure, and our nomadic existence. As a wearable landscape system, it sought to recognize that even our bodies have become part of a deliberately engineered existence.

The habitats, essentially jackets of plant life, are intended to provide sustenance to the wearer, as well as act as expanding ecosystems that attract and integrate other animal and insect life. The habitats are fed and nourished by bodily waste, and inspire outdoor exposure to optimize photosynthesis.

With increased awareness about globalized food industries and their unsustainable carbon footprint, the habitats promote reconnecting the food producer and us food-consuming humans to develop more self-reliant and resilient food networks. Severe drought and diminished soil quality from industrialized farming, as well as sea level rise and climate events will force us to think harder about the future of food production. The microhabitats designed here allow the urban dweller to live off-the-grid, providing immediate access to “landscape” and sources of food.


Design project was a collaboration between Grant Calderwood, Irene Tortora, and the Rome Sustainable Food Project.