Have you got an allotment garden?

An allotment garden is a plot of land made available for individual, non-commercial gardening or growing food. In England, allotments (as we know them now) were originally introduced to provide healthy foof for factory workers during industrialization – and today they offer the same benefits and some newly recognized benefits for the environment! Do you have an allotment? We’d love to hear your stories!⁠

For example to benefit our environment, allotments and gardens can help slow the decline of city bees and experts hope that cities can provide sanctuary for pollinators as rural populations decline. Allotments are particularly good places for pollinators because they provide a mix of fruit and vegetable flowers, plus weedy corners full of native plants. In turn, the pollinators are also good for food growing.⁠

If you’re planting veggies always make sure to have companion plants that are pollinator attracting such as locally native plants for your area.⁠

Photos by Lis whilst wandering the streets of Slovakia.