Let’s go food foraging in our own neighborhoods

This is something some of us have been getting into more lately! More and more cities are pulling together some open source maps where you can pin wild fruit trees and herb bushes. Finding fig trees (outside of Italy where they’re abundant!) is the ultimate 🙂 We highly encourage writing and speaking to your local government members too to plant fruit trees everywhere that makes sense. This should be way, way more common.⁠

If you’ve got an empty plot of land or abandoned area you near you too, and you feel safe enough, go plant some things and see if you can grow it from there. ⁠

If there is produce hanging over fences and falling onto the ground without being used (often then rotting) we pick up those too. Food waste is also all the food we grow that we’re not using.⁠

Have you been foraging? For the ultimate resource in this @robgreenfield is the one to follow!