Let’s influence the fashion influencers

ACT & REPORT BACK // Action for this week! Send messages to fashion influencers you know or follow and ask them to change up their feed to protect our environment. Ask them to use their influence for good. Swipe across for a template you can tweak or send them! We’d love to see some answers and see what the mood is out there – flood our inbox please 🙂 ⁠

The fast fashion industry is, to say it mildly, a nightmare. Brands, influencers and celebrities are putting enormous pressure on people – and especially young people where this tends to start – to look & dress a certain way, wear your outfit once for #ootd, and expect a new style in-store every couple of weeks whilst the quality of clothes is getting poorer and poorer.⁠

Let’s bring style back (which everyone individually gets to express) instead of fashion (which is a passing trend). Let’s teach everyone in our lives to save our money; to buy far less clothing but buy better when we do. To buy sustainable hemp & linen. To learn to thrift. To hold swap parties with friends. To buy it knowing we’ll wear it over and over again for years to come. To cherish it and look after it. To fix it. To pass it on.⁠

Let’s open our wardrobes and have a small collection of quality pieces in there supporting small businesses and artists. Let’s never stare at a cupboard overflowing with clothes and exclaim we have nothing to wear. Let’s not send trash to other countries and push out local, cultural ways of making clothes naturally.⁠

Let’s use this online community for the good it can do. Using influencers, to influence behavior that protects our world. That educates on harms. That normalizes things like outfit repeating instead of normalizing daily style changes. Let’s amplify those eco brands who do it way harder, with much smaller margins, than everything else out there. Let’s ask influencers to only support sustainable style (ethically made) which will in turn place pressure on the big brands. Let’s ask them to say no to them and then support their work when they engage us in the better practices. ⁠

You can see all the templates and tips here.