More than 90% of varieties have disappeared from farmers’ fields

In the last one hundred years, more than 90% of crop varieties have disappeared from farmers’ fields. Half of the breeds of many domestic animals have been lost, and all the world’s 17 main fishing grounds are now being fished at or above their sustainable limits.⁠

Our food systems, nutrition, health, clean air, climate, and freshwater literally depend on biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. The UN is encouraging countries to step up their commitments to take biodiversity into account in all sectors of society but we also need to be talking about it a lot more. The biodiversity crisis falls right alongside the climate crisis. ⁠

If not just for moral reasoning, the diverse range & contribution of all animals and plants ensure that we have healthy, sustainable diets in a food-secure future. Even the little things can make a difference – though they may be tiny, the importance of insects for our planet’s survival is enormous. What questions have you go on biodiversity? Let’s make sure we answer them!⁠

Activity: Want to spend an hour outside this week? Grab a camera and see if you can photograph some insects in your area going about their business (without disturbing them). We would absolutely love to see some of your pictures!