Our language in the environment and social impact space could use some work

Coming out of Cambodia, I’ve attended a number of environment, social impact and design events recently. They’ve been good but friends, our language could really use some work.⁠ Quick rundown…

1. We’re not saving the world⁠
2. It’s not the first world and third world⁠
3. Branson is not a hero⁠
4. Selling bottled water to people who have clean drinking water should not be our social enterprise example⁠
5. Do as the therapists do – use we!⁠
6. Our bias & privilege is soaking our conversations⁠
7. We need more diversity⁠
8. And good, meaningful conversations where critique has space⁠
9. Accessible words (who are we talking to and excluding?)⁠
10. There are four bonus points including using different names when giving examples (I’ve been so guilty of this one) and swapping stereotypes (it’s still very common to hear he for the president, doctor and scientist and she for the nurse and receptionist). ⁠

Read the article for much more on this and let me us know your thoughts! ⁠

– Lis⁠