Start your own worm farm!

It’s a very heavy world at the moment and we all need some nourishing breaks in order to keep going. One of the best ways we know is to dig your hands into soil. So, why not start a worm farm this week? It could be on your little balcony, it could be in the garden, it could be in a shared neighborhood space or maybe you can find an unused or abandoned space in the community you can start a composting crew. There’s even small little worm farms that will grow herbs whilst the worms are munching away. You can make your own (highly recommend wine barrels!), buy one secondhand or get one from a local supplier if the one you’re after isn’t available. Some regions of the world will even subsidize the cost of one from the local government.

Worm farms are a great way of sustainably managing food waste and provide fantastic fertilizer for the garden and veggie patch! Seriously, worm juice will have your plants growing beautifully – we have thousands of wriggly worms between us here. They don’t like meat and people have varying success with citrus and onion peels so check in very small amounts with yours or leave them off the diet. Otherwise, keep them safe in their little home with a variety of foods and papers and you’ll have happy worms! Have you got one? Any tips, resources, stories?