Stop the consumption, enjoy the humans

The holidays are almost here and a lot of people are feeling the pressure to buy gifts – it’s become a completely commercialized experience. You can totally buy out of this. Decide today not to participate. We promise you can not buy a thing and just enjoy the season instead. We love indulging in all the ridiculous festive music and films of course and are glad to see small business markets of handcrafted, sustainable and ethical goods really livening up the scenes. When you do gift, try and make it personal and supporting a small business who will literally do a happy dance.⁠

If you’d like some guidelines for your gifting, set some boundaries. For example, no gimmick gifts. Kringles / gifting circles are also a good way by only needing to get one present (you can play this in families or with friends) and restricting the amount you can spend. As a family, choose to spend it on an experience instead of on things. Gift something you know the kids will need or set a rule to do one they need, one they read and one they want that doesn’t break the budget. On your own and have a little moolah stashed away? Treat yourself to an experience you never normally would throughout the year.⁠

Look to other cultures to see what they do too. One gift only with a poem or a book reading evening are some suggestions. Above all – please don’t break the budget. It’s not worth it – you doing you really is all we need 🙂 ⁠

We love gifting homemade gifts and think these are a fantastic and inexpensive way to celebrate with loved ones. Some of our favorite homemade things to gift are plants, puddings and baked goods, cookies, candles, soap, chutney, jam and home dried fruits!⁠

Have you set some limits this year? Gift everyone your experience and tips here! ⁠

P.S. If you would like to gift sustainable & ethical zero-waste supplies as a useful and beautiful present, we have a special illustrated box for that in the Shop.