We’re on track to sail past 1.5 degrees warming

It’s probably not news to most people that we’re on track to sail past 1.5 degrees warming but we should still try for the target as that might help keep us to 2 degrees celsius.⁠

The recent IPCC Special Report on the 1.5℃ target noted that meeting this target requires 200 billion tonnes of carbon to be removed from the atmosphere this century. This colossal number is equivalent to the total emissions from 1800 to 2015 from the US, China, Germany and the UK combined. Forest restoration is becoming increasingly critical – see our post from Monday for a report on global forest restoration and its potential in mitigating climate change – as is restoring and expanding rights to Indigenous peoples who can sustainably manage the land and ensuring that we work on equitable programs so people aren’t forced to choose between life or conservation.