Write to one of your favorite brands

They say the pen is mightier than the sword and it’s time to put this to the test! Did you know we have templates on our site you can use to email brands? Challenge yourself in the coming week to interact with your favorite brands in a new way.⁣⁠
Can you commit to writing to one brand you love about correcting course on an environmental issue you’re passionate about? This is one of the quickest and most effective things you can do today! This might be about their plastic packaging or unsustainable palm oil in their ingredients, or maybe their animal testing or lack of recycling options at end of life. We have templates up on the site that you can use right now and example emails.⁣⁠ You might learn something new to (we tend to run into a number of ‘interesting’ laws that exist that put smaller businesses into the position of continuing on unsustainably, or proceeding in a damaging way). ⁠
Nothing required to get these – just jump on to copy and paste from the post. ⁣⁠

Can you do one email this weekend? Comment if you’re in and if you’ve got a brand / cause in mind already!⁠

We’d love to see some replies you get so shoot them through and we’ll draw out a couple to receive a voucher for our ethical low-waste shop 🙂