Finding falls in South East Queensland

If you give yourself time in South East Queensland, you’ll fall in love with the endless stream of mountains and waterfalls around you. Get out of Brisbane and spend a couple of weeks exploring (or pick a new area each weekend). In the summer, the rainforests and swims will always cool you down the perfect amount.

Purlingbrook Falls - Springbrook National Park
Purlingbrook Falls
Toolona Falls - Tooloona Creek Circuit
Gwongurai Falls - Tooloona Creek Circuit
Chalahn Falls - Tooloona Creek Circuit

If you’re heading down Stanthorpe way, you can find yourself along a detour on Falls Road to visit four falls – Queen Mary, Browns, Teviot & Daggs waterfalls. All are easy walks and all worth seeing. Find the route here.

Queen Mary Falls, Killarney
Dagg Falls Lookout, Killarney
Browns Falls, Killarney
Natural Bridge, Springbrook

As long as I live I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing.

John Muir
Walking through the Tallebudgera Valley along the creek
Cougal Cascades (a rocky stumble to the bottom but a lovely swim)
Cougal Cascades from the top
Doing it for the view

The Gold Coast hinterland is full of views out into the layers of mountains making part of all the national parks gathered here. Try Moran Falls and the Best of All Lookout. This one is outside the restaurant at O’Reilly’s.

Still looking for more? You’re my kind of person! Here’s more of them to go explore. 

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