Our Projects

Impact Label

We’ve been working on an environment impact label and app to account for the supply chain, footprint and ethics of each consumer product. Version 2 is currently a fleshed out prototype that you can try!

Environment Impact Transparency Label - Nowhere & Everywhere - Carbon Footprint Ethics - Recycling Labelling

Skwoodle Kids

Our kids brand educates in environment, health and social justice topics. We’re releasing products for teachers, family and friends with children in their lives. We also have a puzzle for adults!

Skwoodle Kids Social Justice Environmentalism Education Products Racism Sexism Women We Should Know - Lis Dingjan

Cambodia Initiatives

We spend a lot of time on the ground in our little area in Cambodia focussing on plastics, climate change and the impacts on the local food systems. We’re currently experimenting with different crops after having only harvested 40% in the 2019 season due to heat stress and drought stress. We also run workshops and are currently selecting a couple of community champions to scale these up.

Cambodia Ek Phnom Landfill Dumb Battambang Siem Reap Phnom Penh Plastic Rubbish Waste

Zero Waste Products

Our products follow circular economy principles, exist to create ethical jobs in rural Cambodia and offer the market significantly more sustainable zero waste goods that are handmade, use hemp and recovered natural fabrics  whilst closing our loop. We also created beautifully designed kits in order to gift useful and Earth friendly presents.

Nowhere & Everywhere Zero Waste Shop Australia UK New Zealand Canada US Recycled Recovered Linen Bathrobe Plastic Free


Environmentalism doesn’t need to be boring! We’re making it fun with a suite of graphic, wallpapers and art.

Making Environmentalism Fun - Nowhere & Everywhere - Environment Jokes Sustainability Waste Climate Change

Country Innovations

Every country has incredible businesses and projects in place that are helping our environment through various angles. We’re showcasing these to expose us all to more of these solutions, shift perceptions and ideally create the impetus to reach out and create the same in another country.

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The Weekly News Roundup

Every week we collate hundreds of environment news articles from across the world and filter through these to roundup the good, the bad and the greenwashed.

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