We use 100% pure hemp from a sustainable farm spun into beautiful fabrics. Our linens and cottons are from recycled & up-cycled materials (pre-consumer waste redirected from burning or landfill). Our labels were previously made from left over hemp (so you might receive a legacy product with this) but have since transitioned to 100% cotton labels. The off-cuts we previously used are now utilized in other products ensuring we continue to be zero waste on our fabrics. Our wax wraps are made from coconut (rather than beeswax or soy), sustainable rapeseed wax from Europe and recycled materials. Each product details the materials used to thoughtfully hand make it and more information on our fabrics can be read here.

Yes. We really believe in doing our utmost best at being fair. Most companies outsource their product development to China or other big factories. We didn’t want to do this. We wanted to sketch out our own items, work with people directly in-person and ensure everything is high quality, reduce our waste by eliminating any errors during the process and make everyone feel good and happy.

We spent many thousands of dollars on renovating a small sewing centre in rural Cambodia, creating steady jobs and supplying the community with more skilled workers for their own school uniforms and clothing. We partnered up with a local NGO that Lis worked with for most of the past decade and we turned it into a workplace we would be comfortable working in (and one we often do for many months at a time!). We run environment workshops and skills classes and most of the products we make are made here. Everything is designed in Europe & Australia (along with the making of our wax wraps) and our little team works in lovely spaces. 

You can read more about it all here.

We make as much of our collection available for wholesale as we can. As we handmake everything at our own little rural centre, we only take on a few new shops at a time so we can ensure everybody is happy (including you!). If you’re seeing this, we’ve got spots open for new stores so if you’re a retail outlet, please email us or use our contact form to enquire. We’d love to hear from you and will send you through our product catalogue and ordering information.

We’re very, very honored you’re thinking of doing this. We create our products in the hope of putting beautiful, high quality and truly sustainable items into the market; all to support our education and research. We don’t take funding from other sources. If you don’t need anything at the moment, that’s great! We’ve recently decided to enable Paypal donations if you would like to support our work this way. Please make a donation by clicking here (you can allocate where you would like us to use the funds and you can make it a recurring contribution if you wish). Please note the donation will land in our parent company account Identity Division Pty Ltd and be utilized only for Nowhere & Everywhere. We thank you so much in advance for your donation.

We run our studio Monday to Thursday (Fridays are dedicated to internal projects or trips away from the office so we can deliver more!). If you contact us during this time (via email) we endeavor to do our best to reply as quickly as possible where required.

Absolutely! Wander your way right over here, select the amount you’d like to purchase and head on to the checkout. You can choose to receive the PDF gift certificate to your own email to present yourself, or for us to send it directly to the recipient. All gift cards will be sent within 48 hours and you can include a message. Please check spam folders if you’re unable to find it or contact use after 3 days if still not received. Thank you so much!

You wonderful human, you! Our kits are absolutely perfect for gifting. We recommend you select one of these and head on over to the checkout. You can choose to send it straight to your recipient (easy!) by popping in their shipping details and including your gift message. If you’d like to send it to yourself so you can gift it in person, please mark this on the checkout and we’ll slip in a blank swing tag with a little hemp twine that you can tape over your address on the front of the kit box. Pop on a little note and voila!

Gift messages will be written on our 100% recycled (from cotton t-shirts) custom thank you cards and slipped into the kit box.

Our gift certificates are designed to be easy to use! Received one? Lucky you!

Select the goods you wish to purchase and add them to your cart. When you check out,  enter the code into the gift card code field to apply against your order.

If there is a remaining balance (your order exceeds the gift card value) you can complete the order by paying with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

Have feedback, an idea, require a return or exchange, have a research paper or exciting campaign, thinking about a collaboration, looking for a partnership or photography project, or something else? We would love to hear from you! Please email hello (@) or use the form and details on our contact page.

Urgent gift or item required? Please make a note when you place your order and we will do our best to prioritize your order or contact you with alternative options if they are available. Please note, that your item may still arrive within our standard delivery timeframes so please be aware of this when placing your order.

That’s amazing of you and we’d love to help! We recommend our kits or we can create a customized kit with you in line with your budget. We’ll also provide you the option of using one of our beautiful kit boxes with your company logo featured, or creating a custom box specifically for your company. Please email us with your query and we’ll let you know what we can do. We’re excited to hear from you! 

Yes. Every, single time! So you’re helping our wellbeing and exercise time too!

Orders, shipping & returns

Plastic free! We try to avoid satchels as much as possible (although they’re biodegradable) as it’s extra material and unnecessary. Sometimes we use them when the shipping cost is significantly lower (it drives us crazy this is the case for the same package too!). Our kits are sent directly in their beautiful kit boxes. We encourage you to use your box for other uses, cut out the inside top flap for pinning up or gifting and recycling the box when it’s time. We use FSC certified tissue paper for wrapping. Please reuse this for the next gift you’re giving if you can! Padding (where required) is created from 100% post-consumer recycled shredded paper. General product items are shipped in our recycled card box or in boxes we are upcycling from other companies (they therefore might have other labels and signage on them). Products are packaged in recycled sleeves and tubes that can be recycled again or composted. Each product page lists the packaging pertinent to that product. We use paper tape for extra security when needed.

We offer global free shipping for all orders over $200 or more. We try to keep our shipping (as our lives!) as simple as possible. Check below for rates to regions across the world.

Shipping for order totals over $200 is free worldwide. We offer flat rate shipping to keep it as simple as possible.

Europe & UK – $15.00
Australia & NZ – $10.00
America & Canada – $15.00
Rest of world – $15.00

All shipping is tracked.

Your order will be processed within 2-3 days Monday to Thursday. You will receive an email once your order has been sent. Once picked up by the post service, parcels will be delivered with the following approximate time frames (we cannot guarantee these):

Europe & UK / 6 – 10 days
Australia & NZ / 5 – 8 days
America & Canada / 8 – 14 days
Rest of world / 10 – 16 days

Please note: during busy periods there may be a delay whilst we work through a large volumes of orders.

We create quality, handmade products to deliver to you and be of use to you. We will  exchange or refund your item if it gets damaged in the mail (sometimes those pesky little elves get involved and jump about on packages and we rather wish Hedgewig the Owl was delivering our goods instead!). We check our items before shipping but please contact us if you receive a faulty item which we can replace for you. Please contact us for authorization for a return prior to sending your goods back and we will happily organize this with you.

We will cover the cost of shipping your return to us:

  • If your order arrived damaged.
  • If you received an error item.
  • If your package was lost in the mail (when the status of it was not delivered and the shipping agent confirms this).
  • If your package was delivered to the wrong address by the shipping agent (not due to an error on your order) as confirmed by them, and you, or us, are unable to rectify the issue to have it delivered to you.

We kindly ask you to cover the cost of shipping your return when:

  • You seek a replacement or an exchange for reasons other than damage or loss of goods.
  • If you provided an incorrect shipping address at checkout.
  • If your item was delivered, as confirmed by the shipping agent, but you did not receive it.
  • If you were unable to collect your package at customs.

If your item is damaged or faulty you must contact us within 48 hours of the delivery being made including photos. If we arrange a return with you, your item must be sent within 14 days. Returns after this time are at our discretion only.

We don’t accept returns for change of minds or any other reason that damaged or faulty goods. The returns industry causes an enormous amount of environmental damage to the additional transport back and forth so we try to avoid this as much a possible. We provide a lot of information on our product pages about our items and encourage you to contact us if you have any more questions. Please buy what you need or what you’re gifting. Thank you for working on this with us!

As soon as we receive your order, we start working on it immediately so we can’t make changes to an order once it’s placed. We can also not cancel it.

If you have any questions about your order or entered an incorrect address please reach out immediately with your order number to see if we can fix that up before we ship it out.

We try and make shopping as easy as possible for you and know that exchange rates can sometimes add to the cost of ethical, high quality products. To help with this, we accept Euros, Pounds, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars. Simply select your currency in the menu and the products will show & be charged in your currency. At checkout your billing country must reflect the currency of your selection. If you choose a different country, or a country that falls outside our zones (i.e. has a different currency), you will be charged in $USD. Like all our items, we try to keep these to flat figures without bizarre cents or marketing tricks and update our fixed rates regularly to void constant fluctuations and fairness to customers.

If your payment method was declined at check out, it may have been unsuccessful due to incorrect information, card expiration, or insufficient funds. You can choose a new method of payment and contact your bank or the credit card company if you continue to experience difficulties placing your order. If you require further assistance, please contact us.

Not by default. You will be sent an email with your order details upon successful checkout. We are limiting our resource usage wherever possible and think most of us tend to throw these straight out. If you do require a printed copy, please print the receipt in your email that details your purchase or email us for a PDF copy. Corporate clients will be invoiced online and receive a digital copy. Thank you so much for your understanding!

Behind the scenes

Our sister company is called Skwoodle and you can join our Instagram here and find our website here. Skwoodle is all about educating kids on environmental issues (like we do here but specifically to engage kids and get them interested in our natural world), social justice issues, health and more through engaging facts and design. We’ve got thoughtful products for the kids in your life, schools in your area or as gifts. Environmentally friendly and plastic free. We also feature a lot of women we should know which is a favorite segment of ours. Checkout the #skwoodlewomen hashtag!

No. We need top down change (regulation on big businesses to act well, better environmental laws etc) and bottom up change to amend our lifestyles, change what we consume and give to consent to and create pressure on the top. We don’t believe for one second that consumer change is going to shift everything we need to nor that everyone is in the position to do this. Our political and capital systems are complex. Our lives are busy. The richest people and businesses on Earth exert enormous influence over government. Money has been shifted to “philanthropists” who on one hand are doing good (in whatever realm they’ve chosen) and on the other, create a mass of amount of our problems (depressed wages, disease, pollution, climate change, drug addiction etc).

That said, we all consume a lot and many of us do have a responsibility for this. We make choices every day. In this space there is lots of upstream waste too though that consumers (like all of us!) can’t control. We have done our best to reduce this as much as possible whether through making methods, packaging or energy use.

We can create change here. Everything we buy is a vote for something. When a lot of us get together to do this, and pressure companies and government too we can effect huge change. We can choose a little more time than convenience. We can save a little longer for the ethical item. Buying items that help and empower us whilst enslaving and trapping others is never worth it.

We’re so grateful you’re here and potentially supporting our work, switching out your plastics & waste, and utilizing sustainable products that are trying to make as little impact as possible. Each person and home reducing their waste and thoughtfully enjoying their lives means so much to us. Thank you!

We’re conflicted on this one. Ultimately we have chosen to pursue providing it on our site as we don’t think we should be making financial decisions for people, we know that the low/zero waste worlds can feel inaccessible at times and that ethical products can definitely be more expensive so this option is really helpful and helps to make the best choice at the time. We totally get this and are working on implementing it.

We also only sell useful and sustainable products that we’ve done our absolute best on creating small with a low footprint; we’re not selling fast fashion or products made from unethical labor that aren’t sustainable.

These companies do take quite a chunk of the product cost to cover their potential losses and defaults and make a really healthy profit. We have very small profit margins as we produce our goods ethically, we use very expensive fabric in the form of 100% hemp and we’ve really focussed on high quality recyclable & compostable packaging and the likes. In short, we really care so our margins are slim and this makes it harder.

Finally, we believe that these options can be used by businesses to encourage consumption and greatly increase their potential sales which isn’t helping our world.

We thought long and hard about whether to offer this and we hope we can offer it in a way that is helpful to make ethical purchasing easier, and that you make a financially responsible decision that you’re comfortable with. If you have any questions or ideas please feel welcome to email us.

We know we can’t compete with the cheap chains; it’s literally not possible and we don’t try. We make tiny profit margins (we’re in this to educate, research and advocate, definitely not for the money!) so we know why sustainable and ethical goods cost us more. Here it is;

  1. Ethical labor isn’t cheap. No matter where you are working. We pay team members in Australia and Europe. That’s expensive. We pay lots of people at our little centre in Cambodia who make most of our products. We pay them above mininum wage. We run training and fund workshops. We want our items to be made with skill and high quality. We also pay for maternity leave cover, health insurance and motor vehicle accident insurance. That’s fair.
  2. Most places have crappy working conditions. From our personal funds we paid to renovate our building and create a much better space. Cleaner, more organized, happier, bright, safe and positive. This hasn’t been included in our prices at all but most companies would need to include the cost of it as an overhead if they choose to improve the working conditions of their staff. Also, bills. Always. They’re never ending.
  3. We use 100% hemp grown and spun sustainably. Pure hemp is insanely expensive. Way, way more than organic cotton, most linens or conventional cotton. And out of this world compared to polyester fabrics. Wherever possible we don’t want to compromise on our Earth so we choose hemp as it’s the best and recycled fabrics. We keep our prices as low as humanly possible to compete with organic cotton but that makes our margins way smaller than most other businesses in this space. It’s the reason we can’t wholesale our items too.
  4. We pay for studio space in the developed world. Not cheap, but necessary. We keep it as minimal as possible but we have a team, computer screens everywhere, and lots and lots of products to sort and store and create beautiful packages from.
  5. We pay a helluva lot more to have truly sustainable packaging. We try and used 100% recycled card wherever possible. We use unique recycled items in other places. We use 100% pure hemp as our twine. Compostable sugarcane labels. FSC certified, custom tissue paper. Our kits are made to uplift and beautifully gift. We’re also designers and we don’t believe having ethical, sustainable items means we should miss out on good design. We flex a few of our skills here. Unfortunately we’re not at a scale where we can buy many thousands of each design at a time which would significantly reduce their price. One day we dream we can!
  6. Research, research, research. What we do takes so much time but aside from that trying to be certified as a sustainable business is not smooth sailing. Looking at offsetting your carbon emissions accurately is many, many, many calculations away. Becoming partners of environmental organizations isn’t quick. Gaining B-Corp status takes even longer. These are all important business things but they fall outside of our actual work and yet, somehow, they need to get done. And that takes human capital.
  7. We’ve been trying to avoid China. It seems like the whole world jumps online and gets their stuff made (or ordered from) China. We have done our utmost best to avoid this. Our stainless steel straws come from China (but they are beautifully engraved in Australia) and two of our custom packages and that’s about it. Everything else is made in our centre in Cambodia, by the team in Australia & Europe or by our suppliers and small business partners across the world from Vietnam to New Zealand to the UK. Our kits are printed in Australia by an awesome team. We absolutely love supporting small businesses that are crafting their own lives and livelihoods for themselves and others and feel so privileged to get to do this.

That’s just the small components related directly to our products. We’re a business so we have plenty of other bills and fees (darn banks!) on top of that. Also, photographers, subscriptions to study papers, consultants and a whole lot more. Running a business isn’t cheap. Running a sustainable business is insanely expensive. We tightened every single belt rung, lived off rice and beans (ha!) and managed to squeeze our beginnings to shop launch in as much humanly possible. We are truly grateful and thankful for having you here.

Nearly all those string bags you see on the market place are made by mass machinery in China. They are knitted and spun using huge machines in manufacturers we have no control over. Some use organic cotton, most use conventional. A mass amount of resources is required to make this all work but it’s done on such a huge scale that prices can be absurdly low.

Our string bags are hand crafted without machinery. They are made from 100% hemp which is significantly more expensive than any cotton. It takes a really long time to make each bag and our crafters are paid ethically in good work conditions. They are really high quality, with skills taught through generations and we hope this is reflected upon your purchase. Thank you for supporting sustainable work like this.

Is there such thing? We do our absolute best with this with 100% hemp from a sustainable, local source and linens and cottons redirected from landfill (so we’re not producing virgin fabrics). We also run our own little centre with all handmade products and no mass machinery or scale so we control our emissions greatly. Even with all this though we still need to transport our items and create some new materials. We’ve reduced our impact as much as possible and are constantly researching and striving to do more. We plan on going carbon neutral to negate our transportation and we are looking to replace a few of the elements of our products. You can read more about that here