Climate change & biodiversity

Climate change & biodiversity

As a small team with experience in environmental science, law, international development and business, we use these (continuous) learnings, and design & systems thinking, to focus on climate change and biodiversity. These twin crises are the consequence of much of what we speak about and our work in Cambodia is also centred around climate change and justice. Follow along our website and socials for a stream of updates, facts, stories and innovations in this space.

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The narrow alleys of Kotor

Kotor is a UNESCO world heritage town and once you step inside the town walls, let yourself wander slowly. Walk each little alley, wind past each corner, and try to take a peek inside each church. Pick of the towns Most tourists head straight to Budva but we thought very

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Scenes of Tuscany

For me it’s the endless summers, the ripest tomatoes, the fruitful towns and the easy picking of cherries that steal my heart in Tuscany time and time again. Stay weeks longer than you have planned if possible. For a truly magical Tuscany experience, get away from the towns, jump in

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The teeny, tiny town of Volpaia, Chianti

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden. The Secret Garden We were here on a work trip as part of the Identity Division and I managed to capture this delightful picture of Dreama. If you want to learn how to paint

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The Walled Medieval town of San Gimigano

This gorgeous town is a must when you’re in the region. Spend the afternoon and a relaxed evening here with a picnic or looking over the hills of Tuscany beyond the walls. The top tip for San Gimi Pop into every store. Every single one. Look around. Taste. Touch. Smile.

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The scenic route in Tuscany

My idea of heaven still is to drive the gravel farm roads of Umbria and Tuscany, very pleasantly lost. Under the Tuscan Sun A beautiful rest point along the drives through the hills of Tuscany is the retirement village & monastery of Chiusure. Set atop a hill with a view

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