Zero waste & plastic

Cambodia Ek Phnom Landfill Dumb Battambang Siem Reap Phnom Penh Plastic Rubbish Waste

Zero waste & plastics

Talking about plastics has become very trendy but we’re covering the topic from more than just one angle. Waste in general is a problem both up-stream and down-stream so we chat the company responsibility that needs to be taken, sustainable design, policies that are implemented or should exist, and our individual contribution to the problem. Plastics are derived from fossil fuels and therefore contribute to both climate change and additional physical pollution in the environment whilst so much of the products and services we use every day create waste. The easiest solution, and our defence to our waste problem, is to discuss recycling. Indeed some materials should be recycled infinitely but recycling can be energy intensive and, as most of us are now starting to learn, extremely imperfect. Digging a layer beyond ‘going zero waste’ quickly exposes a multitude of issues such as poverty, fast fashion, government (in)action, exploited labor and capitalism. 

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Cambodia Ek Phnom Landfill Dumb Battambang Siem Reap Phnom Penh Plastic Rubbish Waste

The failure of recycling

When I lived in a low economic area in Nairobi, someone once called through my door. It was a door that didn’t lock and had bars at the top so I appeared around the corner to see who was there. There stood a guy with a big smile enquiring whether

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Poverty trumps plastic - Nowhere & Everywhere Environmentalism Plastic Free July #plasticfreejuly Cambodia

Poverty trumps plastic

In our village in Cambodia where we work plastic is pervasive. There is no running water. No clean water. We’ve been in a long drought (rainy season has thankfully just started). Many people live on a mere $2 a day. Bottled water is necessary in order to survive. The markets

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