Collateral & Packaging

Product packaging and shipping are areas where enormous waste can be created so we have been thoughtful and considered with how we select to contribute and are always striving to do better. Below is a breakdown of all our items. Everything is compostable and recyclable and we use as much recycled material as we can where possible. Your package is plastic-free so no additional waste on your end! 

Kit boxes

Our kit boxes are printed ethically by a family run business in a developed country (quite the feat!) and are completely recyclable. Each box has a beautifully designed message inside and we encourage you to cut this out and use it around the home or office (they look great hanging on wire frames). You can also use the boxes as your next gift packaging. At end of life it can be recycled.

Product sleeves

Our product sleeves are made from 100% recycled card stock. They have a label made from the by-product of sugar cane waste that is compostable. Simply cut up the sleeve and add to your home compost. Note that sometimes we are on short supply of these special labels and use recycled brown paper instead ensuring it’s still compostable.

Product cylinders

Our bowl covers are packaged inside paper card stock cylinders. We also collect overstock or redirect cylinders from landfill that may come with a lining. Please use your cyclinders around the home as much as possible. They are great at holding stationery, spices, homemade cleaning powders, hair or face masks etc and we’d love to see you use yours (tag us on the ‘gram)! Cylinders can be recycled or composted. If you received one with lining, this can be removed and the rest composted.

Tissue Paper

Our custom designed tissue paper is printed onto FSC certified paper. It is acid, lignin and sulfur free and printed with vegetable based inks rather than petroleum. We recommend reusing this paper for your gifting needs (we don’t add a sticker closure so it can be easily reused), it can be recycled or cut up for compost.


Our swing tags are attached with 100% hemp twine and kraft card. Our message cards are printed onto recycled A4 brown paper. Our thank you cards are custom designed and printed onto stock made from recycled cotton t-shirts. 


We use brown paper wrapping to secure packages where required. We don’t use any plastic satchels and try to avoid compostable satchels too as it’s extra resources to create however sometimes postage costs are far lower when using one so we opt for this. We use recycled, eco-padded mailer envelopes for smaller orders. We use boxes bought & collected from others to ship goods in. The shredded paper for packing boxes is made entirely from post-consumer waste. Everything is compostable and recyclable.