What can I actually do about climate change?

Large-scale, collective action is needed to address climate change but this doesn’t mean there aren’t important things to be done at an individual level. We need work bottom up AND top down. The most important thing you can do is to exercise your rights as a citizen is speaking up, voting (look for local, state/province and national leaders with climate change policies and carbon taxes) and demanding change.
You can also take personal action to reduce your carbon footprint in simple ways – switching to more efficient energy solutions, wasting less food, reducing your meat intake as much as possible for you, living in smaller homes (looking at you Australians & Americans!) and using public transport or walking & cycling wherever you can.⁣
You can pay attention to company policies and support companies with values that align to your own and those that are taking the lead in positive change. You can write to your favorite brands enquiring about environmental issues and roadmaps. Investing in smaller businesses doing these things well makes people around the world jump for joy and encourages them to keep going (we can confirm that sustainable and ethical businesses aren’t cheap or easy to run!). ⁣
These steps may be small but they’ll make a big difference collectively and raise awareness (both your own and that of others) about climate change. In fact, talking about climate change with your friends and family is one of the most meaningful things you can do.

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