Scootering around the island of Hvar

Dubovica Beach

A lot of people tend to stick to the shores around Hvar Town. Grab a scooter and head further and you’ll find numerous beaches with only a small amount of people – and plenty of stretches of road where you’re the only one in sight. The other little towns are also well worth the visit. Pick a sunny day, pack your bathers and jump in every bay.

The views you'll get scootering around the whole island
Zarace Beach
Dubovica Beach

Right of Zarace beach (when you get to the bottom there’s a sign and you can turn left or right. Left is the main beach with a little restaurant / bar and is beautiful. But go right too and you’ll find a little old church building. Walk down the stones to the beach and you’ll see one of the most beautiful inlet bays.

Milna Beach
This little guys was hot and happy!
Jesla Town
Dubovica Beach
Milna Beach (around the corner)

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