Unexpected delights through Bosnia and Herzegovina

You cannot escape the memories of war in Bosnia but you can just as easily find its beauty and its broken pieces healing.

In Bosnia, just drive and drive around through the peaks and valleys, the carved out tunnels in the mountains, the endless national parks and still, turquoise rivers. You don’t need an itinerary. Stop everywhere you see something beautiful. Then stop again when you see a flurry of people. Ask around where to go next. Bosnia is a country where you can slowly lose yourself in and spend weeks enjoying.

The views out the car window driving through Durmitor National Park

When in Bosnia, drive along the Tara River which is an unbelievable changing blue. Take the backroads down to the river to really see what the area is about. Drive to Pluzine and Foca from Sarajevo to Niscik (Montenegro) and take a small road right down to the ethno village where cyclists stay whenever you see it. There’s a cute bar up there with a stunning view of the river and a great little place to stay. 

The only problem when you’re road tripping through Bosnia is that they don’t have many stopping points (read none at all) and Bosnian drivers are crazy. You have to watch you’re not being overtaken whilst you’re overtaking. So if you want to stop for a rest or photos you’re going to stop rather scarily like we did a lot! Luckily you often find yourself alone on the roads.

I don't forget, I do forgive, forever.

Found in Mostar

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