Driving along the Soča River

One of the most stunning rivers in Europe is still reserved mostly for the locals who brave the freezing waters. Carving gorges and waterfalls and surrounded by mountains, this is a place that has inspired the artists and captured its visitors. Hop in the car and take a slow trip through this valley.

Slap Boka (waterfall seen from the road but worth the walk to)

Cross the Soca, find your way to Kobarid and wind your way through a forest and you’ll walk through a little river before bending round into this stunning cavern. There’s also two other hidden falls here near the bridge, one with a beautiful swimming hole which most people miss. It’s freezing and completely worth it. 

Fly fishing in Slovenia for special trout
The little villages in a few spots along the way
Slap Kozjac (waterfall)
Another waterfall near Slap Kozjac that streams into a tunnel
Slap Boka (waterfall) that can be accessed by walking from the road

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