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Social & environmental justice

Other than the obvious fairness, human rights and reparations of the past, social justice work is directly related to our environment. True environmentalism must address inequality, justice, gender equity and political activism. Without doing so we exclude large portions of our population from crafting ideas and implementing solutions, we do not give people the resources and opportunities to protect and conserve communities, cultures, lands and animals, and all the while we force many to face the consequences of our own actions and suffer irreparable harm.⁣⁣

Whilst protecting our lands should not be burdened only to the people that least impact them, in the Amazon for example there are vast regions that are saved from our dedication to deforestation due to the Indigenous peoples that live on, and defend, their land and rights. ⁣⁣In countries where many communities face poverty, there is often a reliance on natural resources and factors of climate change and increased demand for our growing population along with agricultural activity, often results in bigger environmental issues such as overfishing and reduction of species; something that isn’t fixed without first solving the existing poverty (which we should be doing regardless).⁣⁣
The only way we reconcile with our Earth and protect our ecosystems is to work on all the issues that influence these outcomes which is why we are vocal on this and support organizations that are specifically focussed on them. They are all related and entwined. Good for humans, good for the environment.

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Your first guide to biodiversity

Free Guide Your first guide to biodiversity – Part One The biodiversity crisis is happening right alongside the climate crisis. Both influence each other and yet we’re often only speaking about one. The biodiversity crisis is under-discussed and misunderstood. In this three part guide we’re digging into what it is,

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Coronavirus Covid-19 vs climate change biodiversity impact environment - Nowhere & Everywhere - Lis Dingjan Analysis Study

Corona and the climate

There have now been countless comparisons of the corona pandemic and the climate crisis. Many highlight how our Earth is apparently healing or how similar the crises are (they aren’t). Many that the climate crisis needs to find the PR agent that Covid-19 has (quite possibly!). I understand these posts.

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Why do we give Australia such a hard time?

Australia is currently being ravaged by a wildfire crisis whilst the nation has consistently voted climate denying governments to power. The current one, seemingly ignored numerous warnings of the catastrophe that is now playing out. The Prime Minister, a former marketing manager of Tourism Australia who was sacked during his

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Whose fault is the shitshow we’re in anyway? - Capitalism & Consumerism - Nowhere & Everywhere Environmentalism Circular Economy

Whose fault is the shitshow we’re in anyway?

In case you missed it, the world is in a bit of a shitshow (this is likely my favorite English word). Consumption rates are out of control. Our emissions are increasing every year. Our waste systems are collapsing. Suburban sprawl is…sprawling. Look at how much of the world we have

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The great Chinese takeover of everywhere

Along the roads of Sihanoukville, a previously sleepy spot on the coast in Cambodia, a town has transformed into a booming casino city. Only a few backpackers are left (those that haven’t read the latest internet reviews). The famous islands will soon be completely developed. In years gone by Koh

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Our climate change guide covers climate justice and the questions we need to be asking

Our comprehensive guide on climate change talks through climate justice, new economic models, design, capitalism and consumption.


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Taking action

Our language in the environment and social justice space could use some work


Poverty trumps plastic

In our village in Cambodia where we work plastic is pervasive. There is no running water. No clean water. We’ve been in a long drought (rainy season has thankfully just started). Many people live on a mere $2 a day. Bottled water is necessary in order to survive. The markets sell little snacks. Some are wrapped in palm leaves. Some come in plastic bags.


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Nowhere & everywhere - learn about social justice and environmental justice racism
Nowhere & everywhere - learn about social justice and environmental justice racism
Nowhere & everywhere - learn about social justice and environmental justice racism