Recycled Linen Bread Bag


Our recycled linen bread bags are ideal for bread, croissants, bagels and bulk produce items such as potatoes, oranges, cereal and big bags of popcorn! They look great coming along with you too.

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Our recycled linen bread bags (made from fabric redirected from landfill) are ideal for breads, croissants, bagels and bulk produce items such as potatoes, oranges, cereal, chunky leafy vegetables and big bags of popcorn! We’d love to see what you’re keeping in yours or the bread that you’ve baked up (assigning this to your partner as their new skill is our trick!).

These bags are breathable. Store your bread items in a cool dark place such as the pantry. This will extend the life of your bread.

To reduce our waste as much as possible we create two sizes of snack bags from the fabric left over from our bread bags (small and mini). This ensures the material is completely used.

Our linen bags are made from recycled fabric redirected from landfill in order to reduce our environmental impact.

We also have 100% hemp bread bags and recycled cotton bags with a zip and lining available.

These bags are designed to last for years but at end of life, this product can simply be returned to the ground in compost or buried.

Size: 30cm wide x 40cm long

Home Compostable
Ethical Labor

Bread is often found in plastic at the supermarket and is full of ingredients it doesn’t need (and neither does your body). Most bakeries package their breads in plastic or use plastic lined single-use paper bags. Solve this by bringing your own gorgeous bags along. You’ll save small mountains of plastic and look pretty good doing it.

Produce is nearly always sold wrapped in plastic or requiring paper bags to fill up. Bring this one along and you’ll have an extra large produce bag on hand for all the fresh stuff (or kilos of grains or epsom salts at the bulk store!).

By purchasing this product you are reducing major plastic waste, supporting our education and research across the world, providing jobs to vulnerable women in Cambodia in our own little product centre, and helping to support environmentalism & education to kids and communities in Cambodia.

These bags are designed to last for years but at end of life, this product can simply be returned to the ground in compost or buried.

Our bread bags are made at our own little centre supporting ethical labor and a happy workplace in rural Cambodia.

Our linen bread bags are made from recycled linens. Our fabric is redirected from landfill in order to reduce our environmental impact. Instead of using new (virgin) materials, we collect fabrics that would otherwise have been burned or found their way to landfill. New materials take an enormous amount of resources to produce so we prefer to use fabrics that are already in existence and would have gone to waste. These fabrics exist from an over-supply to businesses, wrong orders, unused due to changes etc. We collect these and use them for our products.

The drawstring of the bag is made from 100% hemp twine from the same place in Thailand. It is twisted at our small, ethical sewing centre to make the cord.

Our labels were made from the off-cuts we save whilst cutting our products so you may receive a product with this. We have since transitioned to 100% cotton labels and now use those off-cuts for other products to retain zero waste.

Included in this item is:

1 x linen bread bag
1 x eco-friendly product package

This is an easy care product. Turn it inside out to give it a thorough rinse after food has been inside before air drying. You can also wash this pocket in your washing machine on a gentle, cold cycle. There may be some small shrinkage from the first wash.

We only use plastic-free packaging and ensure everything is eco-friendly and beautifully presented. Your item is provided inside a minimal, recycled card packaging box using post-consumer waste. Your item is shipped inside one of our boxes or a reused option which can be recycled or composted and where required is kept protected with 100% post-consumer waste shredded paper (recycled or composted).

Where products are wrapped, our tissue paper is custom designed, eco-friendly printed with vegetable ink. The tissue paper is acid, lignin and sulfur free and FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council to promote sustainable forestry).

Our mailers and envelopes are made from recycled materials. Our thank you cards are made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirts. We use paper tape for any additional closures. Please compost and recycle our packaging as appropriate.

At end of life, the product can be reused in the home as cleaning cloths or other items and can be cut up and buried or composted.

The following styles are currently available for this product:

Wide Striped Linen

Multiple uses

These bags are perfect for so many things! Whether, bread, croissants, bagels, buns, potatoes, oranges, celery, kale, cereal or big bags of popcorn for the outdoor films – it will all fit!

Plastic free packaginge

All of our packaging is plastic free. Your bread bag comes in a minimally designed package which can be composted or recycled.

Transparency & impact

We're committed to running a sustainable business that benefits everyone involved. Our goals are to continue education on environmental issues through our platform, carry out more research work, create an ethical model of business and provide workshops & action on environmentalism in developing countries. Click on the topics to learn more.