Work With Us

We offer a few key ways to work with us. You can find most of the information on our workshops page. As a social enterprise, all income is poured back into this organization and supports our environmental education projects, research and the initiatives we develop.

We can run workshops at your business or not-for-profit, speak at your event, contribute on a panel, consult on environmental needs, upskill your team in design & systems thinking, or chat about the circular economy. Please review our services below. We’d love to hear from you.

Workshops & Speaking

We offer a number of specific workshops that can be carried out within your organization, or presentations for speaking events (whether for your company or a public community). Our workshops and presentations are customized, presented beautifully and full of interaction. We don’t shy away from hard topics but we do so constructively to encourage and facilitate conversation. We also love a good panel discussion. We’re mostly available throughout Europe and Australia, and in South East Asia. We are occasionally found in the States and happy to organize a trip over where we combine this trip with others on our list to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Interviews with Change Makers

Looking to feature an interview of an environmentalist, researcher, innovator, eco-influencer, conservation organization, or activist on your website, social channels or inside your magazine? We’re perfectly positioned to arrange and conduct this interview on your behalf and can provide you the final raw scripts, notes, pull-outs, edited interview, article, photography, graphical elements in line with your style and videography as required. We’ll work with you on a brief, desired outcomes, project requirements and then get everything to you beautifully and professionally. We’ll also post across our channels, follow up with the guest once the piece is live, send a little thank-you to sustain excellent relationships and provide professional assets to promote the piece. We’re excited to partner with you.

Environmental Consulting

Our team is available for consulting work across a range of issues and in research and content development. Whether you’re a company, social enterprise, B-corp, or not-for-profit, and no matter if you operate in the corporate world, fashion, design, manufacturing, the eco-space or you’re a business well outside of this, we want to ensure you’re utilizing sustainable practises, can measure your impact, and are marketing this to your audience effectively and truthfully (so you can build a community that rallies around you and create real change).

Due to our schedule we only have a limited number of openings per year. Please reach out with your requirements and we will be in touch with further information. If we’ve got a spot and we’re a good fit, we’ll organize a meeting or call with you to discuss the work further.