Work With Us

In order to support our environmental education projects and research, we offer a variety of ways to work with us. We can run workshops within schools, businesses & communities, consult on your environmental needs, collaborate with you on your eco event, activity, business or conservation space through photography & marketing, or create a community partnership. Please email hello(at) and one of our team will be in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Communication Design

With experience and backgrounds in law, environmental science, international development, user experience design and marketing, we’re poised to work with you on gaining support and backing for your new policy, launching an environment campaign or marketing your conservation spot. Click here to read more and contact us.

Sustainable Product Development

We make environmentally sound products for ourselves and we improve products for others. Our work includes assessment of the business processes and full lifecycle involved so we can approach all the steps that influence the final impact of the product. From product use, to upstream waste, collateral and customer care, we’ll measure your current impact and improve each part of the system with you. Our final deliverables will also furnish you with beautiful marketing materials in line with your brand you can utilize to communicate the changes to your audience and sell your benefits. More information here.

Workshops & Speaking

Are you looking for a great workshop on a specific environmental area? Searching for a speaker at your event? We would love to tailor something to your needs. We cover a broad range of topics such as climate change, plastics, biodiversity, climate justice, our food system and more. We have a selection of speakers on our team depending on your specific requirements. Our workshops & presentations are highly customized, presented beautifully and full of interaction. We don’t shy away from hard topics but we do so constructively and encourage and facilitate conversation. We also love a good panel discussion. We’re most available in Australia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and South East Asia. We are occasionally found in the States and happy to organize a trip over for a big event. Please email hello(at) – we would love to hear from you.

Environmental Consulting

Our team does consulting work for businesses, in research and content development. Please reach out with your requirements and we will be in touch with further information. If we’re a good fit, we’ll organize a meeting or call with you to discuss the work further. Please email hello(at) to learn more.

Campaign & Event Sponsorship

We love to feature lots of amazing innovations and organizations we come across. We have a strong, highly engaged community who also love seeing these. We remain independent and free from external bias pressures so we choose not to partner with many brands. We do however love promoting campaigns and events in this space and have a specific section for this in our popular bi-weekly newsletter. We have two spots available there and will also post to our Instagram community & Pinterest if we are a good fit. Please email hello(at) for our media kit.

Interviews with Change Makers

Looking to feature an interview of an environmentalist, researcher, innovator, eco-influencer, conservation organization, or activist on your website, social channels or inside your magazine? We’re perfectly positioned to arrange and conduct this interview on your behalf and can provide you the final raw scripts, notes, pull-outs, edited interview, article, photography, graphical elements in line with your style and videography as required. We’ll work with you on a brief, desired outcomes, project requirements and then get everything to you beautifully and professionally. We’ll also post across our channels, follow up with the guest once the piece is live, send a little thank-you to sustain excellent relationships and provide professional assets to promote the piece. We’re excited to partner with you. More information here.

Photography Collaboration

Do you have an environmental event coming up that requires photography? A new eco-tourist activity, business, product or space? Lis is a professional photographer and is available for collaborations each year across the globe. We know how to capture environmental initiatives across all the components you’ve thought about and know how to sell sustainability. You’ll receive beautiful photographs for digital & print and have a number of graphics designed for content for you to use across marketing and promotional materials. Your event, space, organization or activity may also be featured on our website and social media. We would love to meet you. Please click here for our packages and prices along with plenty more photos! 

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