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Our embroidered Unstuff Your Milk bag is designed to make your oat milk, rice milk and nut milks beautifully and easily! It comes along with a recipe for oat milk; the most environmentally sustainable alternative milks.

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My oat brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like woah this is way better than cow’s milk how do I make this!

Our Unstuff Your Milk bag is made from 100% pure hemp, designed to make your oat, rice, seed and nut milks beautifully and easily! It comes along with a recipe for oat milk; the most environmentally sustainable alternative milks. Dairy is udderly inconsiderate (we know, we’re hilarious) so this is the bag for your alternative.

You can also use your milk bag for seed milks, juice straining, coffee making, cashew (or other nut) cheeses, and much more! If you’re using it, please tag us in on Instagram or email us – we’d love to see it!

Hemp is a strong, naturally antimicrobial material, that resists mould and mildew, absorbs a lot of C02 (carbon dioxide) whilst growing, grows much faster than cotton and flax, requires far less land to grow per comparative yield, uses significantly less water than cotton, softens over time, returns up to 70% of the nutrients back to the soil as it grows and doesn’t require harsh herbicides or pesticides. Our hemp is not blended with cottons (or nylons).

These bags are designed to last for years but at end of life, this product can simply be returned to the ground in compost or buried.

Simply turn it inside out to give it a rinse after milk making and let it air dry.

Size: 23cm wide x 30cm long

Home Compostable
Ethical Labor

Making your own milk has a major impact on both the environment and your health. Nowadays milk is purchased nearly exclusively in plastic milk jugs or in long-life plastic packaging from the shelf. Whilst plastic milk jugs can be recycled, many new milk jugs are made from virgin plastic not recycled materials (due to strict food packaging guidelines in some countries). Many plastic milk jugs still spend their life in landfill and huge waste is created in developing the plastic for the bottles and recycling them.

The environmental impacts of dairy are high. Around the world there are about 270 million dairy cows (1) on farm lands to produce milk and this number is increasing as our population grows. These cows need more and more feed which is increasing deforestation, converting more prairie lands and wetlands to agricultural feed lands and contributing to soil degradation. Dairy cows and their manure also produce greenhouse gas emissions which contributes to climate change and poor management of this and fertilizers can degrade local water resources.

Milk also travels across huge countries, and the world, to get to you resulting in high impacts on the environment due to transport.

Making your own oat or rice milk (or nut or seed milk) is cheap and easy! You can buy oat and rice in bulk in recyclable packaging or from your local package-free store and spend 20 minutes making your milk and popping it in the fridge.

By purchasing this product you are reducing major plastic waste and impacts on climate change, helping your health, supporting our education and research across the world, providing jobs to vulnerable women in Cambodia in our own little product centre, and helping to support environmentalism & education to kids and communities in Cambodia.

Our milk bags are made at our own little centre supporting ethical labor and a happy workplace in rural Cambodia. They are embroidered in Australia.

Our bag is made from 100% pure, sustainable hemp from a small farm in Thailand. Hemp is the most eco-friendly fabric.

The drawstring of the bag is made from 100% hemp twine from the same place in Thailand. It is twisted at our small, ethical sewing centre to make the cord.

Thread is 100% cotton.

Our labels were made from the off-cuts we save whilst cutting our products so you may receive a product with this. We have since transitioned to 100% cotton labels and now use those off-cuts for other products to retain zero waste.

Included in this item is:

1 x 100% hemp milk bag
1 x small eco-friendly, recipe card for oat milk (recyclable and made from recycled cotton shirts)
1 x eco-friendly product package

This is an easy care product. Turn it inside out to give it a rinse after milk making and let it air dry. You can also wash this bag in your washing machine on a gentle, cold cycle. There may be some small shrinkage from the first wash. Please wash your bag prior to first use.

All of our packaging is thoughtful and plastic free. Where packages require padding, we use post-consumer, recycled shredded paper. Our tissue paper is custom designed and uses vegetable ink (rather than standard petroleum-based ink). It is acid, lignin and sulfur free and is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forestry). Please reuse it where possible. Our mailers and envelopes are made from recycled materials. Our thank you cards are made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirts. We use paper tape for any additional closures. Please compost and recycle our packaging as appropriate.

At end of life this product can simply be cut up and returned to the ground in compost or buried.

One style available as per the photos.

Custom embroidered

Our milk bags are embroidered from 100% cotton with custom lettering that reads unstuff your milk. You’ll know exactly what bag to grab when you’re looking through your stash!

Plastic free packaging

All of our packaging is plastic free. Your hemp bag comes in a minimally designed package which can be composted or recycled.

Transparency & impact

We're committed to running a sustainable business that benefits everyone involved. Our goals are to continue education on environmental issues through our platform, carry out more research work, create an ethical model of business and provide workshops & action on environmentalism in developing countries. Click on the topics to learn more.